Q&A with RASH on 'Window Shopper

Before discussing the context of the Büyükdere35 x 1wall exhibition, let's get to know you a bit more. Could you tell us about yourself and your artistic approach? How did the idea for the exhibition's name, "Window Shopper," come about?

- I was born in Istanbul in 1994. I encountered graffiti in 2005, and since then, I have been actively engaged in public writings and paintings. In 2017, I felt that traditional graffiti practices were limiting, so I decided to explore new forms. My works, which used to focus on letters, have now evolved into a hybrid form. The series exhibited in "Window Shopper" is inspired by the shutters of shops, which I often come across while doing graffiti. Additionally, the location of the gallery and the concept of a storefront exhibition influenced the decision to name it this way.

How do you prepare yourself before starting the production process, and how does the process unfold? We see that you work with different mediums in your artworks. Can you tell us about the contribution of this versatility in your artistic practice? Finally, what sources contribute to the formation process of the language that constitutes your artworks? Are there figures and artists you draw inspiration from? Can you tell us about the graffiti that spills into the public space, conceptualized for the exhibition?

- I consider production as a necessity for myself. This constant need keeps questions like "What and how can be done?" alive, and as a result, I perceive many objects and events in daily life as potential materials. Small clues and idea processes that come to mind afterward initiate the design process for new works. I think sticking to a single material is not suitable for me, so I use different materials and surfaces from time to time. Although I create works related to graffiti and street culture, I do not limit myself regarding materials. As long as I can reach them, I can use anything that can express me; the sources are very open-ended. In the end, the places where I am nourished are constantly dynamic public spaces where various coincidences come together.

Seeing that I achieved the desired result from the work I am working on is my biggest source of motivation. Besides, I value observation and consider myself a good observer. There are many artists I follow. Observing the processes of different artists who are nourished from similar points motivates me.

- In the 1wall exhibition, I wanted to try something that had not been done before and extended the painting on the showcase to the outside. I wanted to see how the work continued from the inside to the outside on a textured surface, and in the end, a part of the work can meet people after the gallery is closed.

I'm sure you leave a smile on the faces of those who visit the exhibition, and people are surprised when they see you in a gallery environment after encountering you in a public space. How do you receive feedback from viewers in terms of the emotions your works evoke?

- Exhibiting works indoors creates a contradiction in terms of my identity as an artist, and I like this situation. But over time, I think people get used to this situation. In my opinion, this exhibition was a very well-designed '1wall.'

Are you preparing for a new production/work/series? We would also like to hear about your new projects and wishes for the coming periods.

- I plan to paint canvas in the upcoming period, and I may include different materials in it; the process will show. For now, there are confirmed and unconfirmed exhibitions and talks for the coming months, and I will announce all of them on my Instagram account as the situation requires.