Born in Istanbul in 1994, Rash was introduced to graffiti and street art culture in 2005. In his early years, he applied graffiti practice to train lines along with wall works in various parts of Europe, especially in Istanbul. In 2017, he began to produce abstract works with reference to the graffiti he had previously made, with a formal transformation by moving his works to different surfaces without breaking away from the external environment. Rash, who continues his master's degree in art and design, continues actively in Istanbul with his productions, which he combines under the titles of urban art and post-graffiti.
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Group Exhibitions:

2023 / Darağaç Volta Hıss, Çatı Sanat Alanı, Izmir, Turkey
2023 / “Window Shopper” 1wall Exhibiton, Büyükdere35, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 / Bazaart Sanatçıdan Sanatçıya III, Büyükdere35, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 / Tomtom Design Week, Istanbul, Turkey
2020 / 37,5 Balat, Istanbul, Turkey
2019 / Luxury Hands Pop Up Art Gallery Açılış, Istanbul, Turkey
2018 / TÜYAP İstanbul Sanat Fuarı, Istanbul, Turkey