Q&A with Gamze Yalçın

Can you talk about the formation process of the 'I Believe in Spring' exhibition?

Actually, the initial seeds of the exhibition began to take shape after my Art Residency program in Barcelona at the end of 2021.
How did you establish a connection between the name of the exhibition and the artworks?

Some of the themes I focus on in my works include transformation, change, and the flow of colors. I translated these themes into my colorful world with a semi-abstract language based on details I reference from nature.
What does it feel like to be an artist working between Istanbul and Berlin?

I create and nourish myself in Berlin. After each production phase, when I come back to Istanbul, I experience the unique joy of finding inspiration and energy in the city where I feel at home and grew up, creating and sharing my work. For me, these two cities complement each other.
What does Gamze read? What does she listen to while working?

Minimal techno, techno, jazz, sometimes Brazilian Tropicalia, and a lot of world music. It varies a lot depending on my mood and the day. I enjoy reading about the exhibitions I visit and artists' biographies.