Tuba Geçgel (1993) is a multidisciplinary artist born in Istanbul. Her artistic practice is shaped around and focuses on themes such as humans' true self, communication with nature, genderlessness and love. Tuba adopts textile materials as basic elements in her works and expresses the fluidity, free formability and limitlessness of textiles by comparing them to human nature.

She emphasizes limitlessness by creating fantastic environments with her figurative and colorful works, and makes viewers become a part of her works by interacting with them.

Recently, she has started to transfer her drawings to tapestries using the hand tufting technique. Combining this traditional technique with the understanding of modern art, she feeds on the slowing down of time while wandering between the past and the future. Tuba Geçgel's works are a reflection of her artistic vision and touch.

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Selected exhibitions;
''Introvert a Magical Forest'', PG Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2019; ''Variations on Beauty'', Gallery Diani, Istanbul, 2020; ''Born'', PlanB Tophane, Istanbul, 2020; ''Songs on the Bones'', Eksibir, Istanbul, 2020; ''Until Our Eyes Fall Out of Their Socks'', Büyükdere35, Istanbul, 2021;''Young Artists Group Exhibition'', BKM UNIQ Hall, Istanbul, 2021; ''Opposite Window'', Koli Art Space, Istanbul, 2021; ''Synonyms'', The Marmara Bodrum Hotel, Muğla, 2021; ''Without Boundaries'', Muse Contemporary, Istanbul, 2023; International Textile Biennial, Izmir Pavilion, Izmir, 2023.