Eser Gündüz on 'Super Science

Can we hear the story behind the emergence of your first solo exhibition from you?

- The theme is very simple, actually; the collection follows a schematic of beginning, middle, ongoing state, and ending. Accordingly, if we consider a visual activity in the right harmonies, I think I captured a certain logic and visual presentation at the same time. "Super Science" takes a synthetic perspective on nature and science, the control of technology over the world, and draws inspiration from artificial intelligence. Here, I think I have worked on this subject over a long ruler, starting from retro-futurism, by reaching back to the past. This harmony continues within this series. At the same time, I would like to say that painting is an alphabet and morphology that we can create fiction. The structure of this morphology depends on what we tell, our ability, and our choices. I have always been the one who chose the picture from a very long time ago.

How is the relationship between form and the colors you use?

- This relationship actually changes depending on the theme and collection I work on. Within periods, I can show color and style differences, and actually, it takes shape and evolves unintentionally or according to a compatibility theme. Super-science focuses on very violet colors and quite controlled lines. Wax, on the other hand, has completely relaxed lines, and this series is more inspired by real objects and used items that have a place in our daily lives. We can interpret and think about the color and shape relationship according to these cycles.

How did you create the narrative among the works featured in the exhibition?
When creating the narrative of the exhibition, I think I am completely moving forward on a map. On the one hand, I am trying to produce the right exhibitions and works, and this aesthetic concern, I think, always keeps a certain line within the form. Continuing to experiment, seeing different stages in form and shape, always means new paths for me.