Tuba Geçgel “Until Our Eyes Are Out”

First of all, can you tell us about yourself?

I was born in Istanbul. I studied at Marmara University, Textile Arts Department. I established my first workshop in 2015, and since then I have been producing artistically oriented productions using textile materials.

The 1wall exhibition is based on the idea of ​​providing artists space and freedom of expression. What was your purpose in choosing the “Until Our Eyes Are Out” series for the 1wall? Why this series?

I can say that what I am thinking about right now is observing, wondering and 1wall exhibition came across with these ideas.

When your artistic practice is examined, you have an interdisciplinary production style that consists of embroidery, penture, three-dimensional shaping and video. How would you describe your practice?

I proceed experimentally and research the material I have, I turn to whatever material and technique is best suited to my current idea. Therefore, I have the chance to experience and combine different techniques. Textile material is the most suitable, the most flexible for me, the material has the best fluidity in terms of use in any of my ideas.


Assuming that you started out with the idea of surveillance while producing the work “Until Our Eyes Are Out of Home”, how does your production take shape in particular to these concepts?

 I have been working by sewing and embroidering to reach the 3D with the material I have.

In “Until Our Eyes Are Out”, the plexies act as a lens on the eyes; cameras bring the idea that we are watched as much as we watch; the screen gives us the outcome that these cameras work as the idea works. Finally, the two videos I placed explain the relationship between thinking and observing.


Considering the pandemic, can you talk about your future projects? How has the process evolved for you?

 The pandemic is generally a process in which physical movement is restricted and it has been a process in which my inner movement becomes more active. I had a lot of time to think and come up with new ideas.

Generally; I do not make a schedule about the projects I’m working on. There are always new ideas or ideas in process, but they actually determine their time and where they will be in their own existence.

Thanks for the interview.

Author: Deniz Kocabağlı



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