Terms of Use Agreement


1.1. By reading and accepting this Agreement, as a User, you are expected to comply with the following terms as a natural or legal person who accesses the website that publishes under the domain name www.buyukdere35.com and its sub-domains (hereinafter referred to as “BÜYÜKDERE35 Culture and Art Platform”). Therefore, please read the conditions written below carefully. If you do not accept these conditions, do not use BÜYÜKDERE35 Culture and Art Platform.

1.2. The owner of www.buyukdere35.com website is the company named BÜYÜKDERE35 Culture and Art Platform (hereinafter referred to as www.buyukdere35.com) resides at ‘Çayırbaşı mah. Çayırbaşı cad. No:35 Büyükdere-İSTANBUL’. The services offered on the www.buyukdere35.com Website and specified in this Agreement are provided by www.buyukdere35.com., www.buyukdere35.com reserves the right to change the information, forms, content, and terms of use on the Website whenever and under any circumstances.

1.3. By publishing these Terms of Use on the website; it has been opened and put into effect for every natural and legal person using the Website www.buyukdere35.com.

1.4. www.buyukdere35.com may change the conditions specified in this Contract at any time without giving any notice to the User. These changes will be published on the www.buyukdere35.com Website and will be valid from the date of publication. Every natural and legal person who benefits from www.buyukdere35.com Website services and accesses www.buyukdere35.com Website is deemed to have accepted in advance any changes made by www.buyukdere35.com to the provisions of this Contract. These Terms of Use cannot be changed by the user’s unilateral declaration.


SITE: It refers to the website that can be accessed from the main domain name www.buyukdere35.com and sub-domains connected to this domain name from the online environment where various services and contents are offered within the framework determined by www.buyukdere35.com.

SERVICE: It refers to sending the relevant content or contents by e-mail or posting them to the User’s address by enabling the User to access the promotions of the electronic content offered on the www.buyukdere35.com Website and to exchange the electronic content that the User has decided to purchase.

USER: It refers to every natural and legal person, whether or not a member who accesses the www.buyukdere35.com Website and/or the database of www.buyukdere35.com online.

LINK: These are the links that make it possible to access the www.buyukdere35.com Website through the www.buyukdere35.com Website or to another website, files, content, or the www.buyukdere35.com Website, files and content from another website.

CONTENT: All kinds of information, text, files, pictures, videos, numbers, and similar visual, literary, and audio images are published on the www.buyukdere35.com website or accessible.

CONTENT PROVIDER: It is with the persons, institutions, and organizations that supply all the content offered by www.buyukdere35.com within the www.buyukdere35.com Website, other than those provided by www.buyukdere35.com.

www.buyukdere35.com WEBSITE INTERFACE: These are the internet pages that give commands to the computer program used by the Users to view the content created by Content Providers or www.buyukdere35.com by Users and to be queried from the database of www.buyukdere35.com, to carry out all kinds of transactions that can be done through the www.buyukdere35.com Website within the content protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK) No.5846 and whose all intellectual rights belong to www.buyukdere35.com or various authors Internet pages.

DATABASE: The database of www.buyukdere35.com protected in accordance with FSEK, where the contents accessed from the www.buyukdere35.com Website are stored, classified, queried and accessed.

MEMBER: Refers to every natural and legal person who enters the www.buyukdere35.com Website by accepting the Membership Agreement.


3.1. www.buyukdere35.com, using the interface on the www.buyukdere35.com Website, to provide the Service defined by this Agreement and www.buyukdere35.com Internet Site Database content queries can be made and these contents can be viewed on the www.buyukdere35.com Website before purchasing. The services listed are the basic services offered by www.buyukdere35.com, adding new services to these services, changing the scope and conditions of the above-mentioned services are completely under the authority of www.buyukdere35.com. www.buyukdere35.com can use this authority unilaterally as it wishes without any notification.

3.2. The www.buyukdere35.com Internet Site operates on the basis that the information uploaded to the www.buyukdere35.com database is displayed by the User. www.buyukdere35.com does not guarantee the accuracy, security, and legality of the information displayed by the User under any circumstances and does not assume any responsibility for these contents.

3.3. Büyükdere35, the institutions it cooperates with, the employees and managers of www.buyukdere35.com are not liable under any circumstances and conditions for the services provided by third parties within the www.buyukdere35.com Website and content created by Content Providers other than www.buyukdere35.com.

3.4. www.buyukdere35.com is not obliged and responsible for investigating whether the content transmitted to Büyükdere35 by Content Providers or that can be uploaded, changed, or provided by them on the www.buyukdere35.com Website is legal and violates the rights of third parties. www.buyukdere35.com does not undertake or guarantee that the uploaded and/or presented content is safe, correct, and lawful.

3.5. www.buyukdere35.com is a hosting provider under Law No. 5651. www.buyukdere35.com records and stores the records specified in the relevant legislation regarding the transactions performed by the Users and Content Providers on the www.buyukdere35.com Website within the legal period to comply with the obligations imposed on the Hosting Providers according to the Law No.5651 and the relevant legislation.

3.6. By using the www.buyukdere35.com website, you declare that you have read the text of the Privacy Policy and the Obligation of Disclosure that we have prepared following the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698.

3.7. www.buyukdere35.com may store the information conveyed to it by the Users and Content Providers through the Website in cases specified in the Privacy Policy and Disclosure Obligation text. www.buyukdere35.com also carries out these activities such as the user’s IP address, which parts of the www.buyukdere35.com Website are visited, browser type, transaction date, etc. to the extent permitted by the Law on Protection of Personal Data for purposes such as statistical evaluation and providing personalized services. It can be kept for periods of liability and can be used for the performance of contracts, fulfillment of legal obligations, and legitimate reasons, www.buyukdere35.com performs these activities following the Privacy Policy and the Obligation of Disclosure text, the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698, and other applicable legislation provisions.

3.8. Users can only make transactions on the www.buyukdere35.com Website for lawful purposes. The legal and criminal liability for every transaction and action taken by the users within the www.buyukdere35.com Website personally and solely belongs to them.

3.9. The User shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process any content, including electronic text, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs, and lists on the www.buyukdere35.com Website; it accepts and undertakes that it will not enter into direct and/or indirect competition with www.buyukdere35.com either through these actions or through other means.

3.10. The User and the Content Provider accept and undertake that they will not commit acts that would damage the personal and commercial reputation of www.buyukdere35.com and third parties or infringe and/or attack personal rights within the www.buyukdere35.com Website.

3.11. Access to the database where the content accessed and/or displayed on the www.buyukdere35.com Website is stored by third parties only to view the relevant content and/or within the framework permitted by www.buyukdere35.com in writing is deemed to be under the law. Other than this, the access made is against the law and the lawsuit and prosecution rights of www.buyukdere35.com are always reserved in terms of such situations.

3.12. The www.buyukdere35.com Website Database and the information contained in this Database cannot be partially or completely copied, transferred to other databases, and opened to the access and use of third parties from these databases without the written consent of www.buyukdere35.com.

3.13. It is forbidden to extract information from the www.buyukdere35.com Website Database to obtain the content accessed and/or displayed on the www.buyukdere35.com Website. By not complying with this prohibition, a criminal complaint will be filed against persons who intensely pull information from the www.buyukdere35.com Website Database in order them to be punished following this law for performing the act of “unauthorized entry to the information system” stated in Article 243/1 of the Turkish Penal Code.

3.14. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, transmit, process and display the content published on the www.buyukdere35.com Website and the www.buyukdere35.com Website Interface without the written consent of www.buyukdere35.com.

3.15. Any content accessed and/or displayed on the www.buyukdere35.com Website cannot be viewed by third parties without the written consent of www.buyukdere35.com in any way, especially via the internet, except the www.buyukdere35.com Website, otherwise, it will constitute illegal use. The personal data on the pages accessed and/or displayed on the www.buyukdere35.com Website cannot be used, processed, transmitted, displayed, or disclosed by third parties under any conditions and any circumstances without the written consent of the personal data owners and www.buyukdere35.com. However, www.buyukdere35.com may give certain information about Users and Content Providers to these entities and authorities following the decisions of the legal authorities and entities, provided that they are within the scope of the applicable laws and the framework of the relevant decision.

3.16. www.buyukdere35.com may also provide links and/or directions to other sites through the Site. The existence of these links certainly does not indicate that the content of other sites and pages outside the Site is controlled. Www.buyukdere35.com does not have any responsibility for other content outside the Site that can be accessed from these links. www.buyukdere35.com is not liable in any way and in any way for any damages arising from transactions to be made from all third sites accessed. When the user accesses these links, they accept that they are now responsible.

3.17. www.buyukdere35.com is not legally or criminally liable for any application that can be made based on the content of the files uploaded to the site. It is not possible to hold www.buyukdere35.com and its affiliated persons and organizations responsible for any material or moral, indirect, or direct damages that may arise from these.

3.18. www.buyukdere35.com undertakes to take all measures to keep personal information confidential within the Site. Despite all the necessary precautions and measures taken by www.buyukdere35.com and even though www.buyukdere35.com acts in full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the relevant legislation, personal information is damaged in any way as a result of the attack on the Site or they fall into the hands of third parties, Members and Visitors accept and declare that they will not hold www.buyukdere35.com for damages arising from this reason, except for the liability of www.buyukdere35.com under the Personal Data Protection Law.


4.1. Information accessed on the www.buyukdere35.com Website (including but not limited to www.buyukdere35.com Website Database, www.buyukdere35.com Website Interface, design, text, codes) or provided by Content Providers and all the elements of www.buyukdere35.com Website belong to www.buyukdere35.com and/or was acquired by www.buyukdere35.com from a third party under a legally valid license.

4.2. Pictures, graphics, photographs, and similar types of content used on the site belong to www.buyukdere35.com or are used with the permission of their legal owners. The use of such content by the User or third parties for other purposes other than the limits stated on the Site is not allowed. Unauthorized use of such content may lead to copyright infringement, violation of trademark provisions, or other applicable legislation.

4.3. The www.buyukdere35.com Website aims to respect the law, statutes, copyrights, and personal rights. For this reason, to indicate the valid copyright holders, the source name and site address from which the content was obtained, regarding all kinds of content on the www.buyukdere35.com Website, and appropriate explanation regarding the license under which the content was obtained are included in the pages. Users and Content Providers do not have the right to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit www.buyukdere35.com services, www.buyukdere35.com information, and the copyrighted works of www.buyukdere35.com or to allow third parties to access or use the services of www.buyukdere35.com.

4.4. Within the scope of these Terms of Use, www.buyukdere35.com reserves all its rights regarding www.buyukdere35.com, www.buyukdere35.com services, www.buyukdere35.com information, www.buyukdere35.com copyrighted works, www.buyukdere35.com trademarks, www.buyukdere35.com commercial view, or other assets and information provided through this site in cases where it is not explicitly authorized by www.buyukdere35.com.

5.1. In all cases considered legally force majeure, www.buyukdere35.com is not legally liable for the late performance and/or non-performance of any of its obligations arising from these Terms of Use. These and such situations shall not be deemed as delay, non-performance, or default in terms of www.buyukdere35.com or www.buyukdere35.com will not be liable for any compensation for these situations.

5.2. The term force majeure will be interpreted beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party and as events that www.buyukdere35.com could not prevent despite the necessary care. Also, situations such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures and/or outages, power outages, and bad weather conditions are also considered within the scope of force majeure.


If there is an element of foreignness in the implementation, interpretation of these Terms of Use, and in the management of legal relations arising within these Terms of Use, Turkish Law will be applied. Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of any dispute arising or likely to arise due to these Terms of Use.


These Terms of Use, consisting of 7 articles, become effective on the date they are announced by www.buyukdere35.com on the website www.buyukdere35.com. Users and Content Providers accept these Terms of Use by using the www.buyukdere35.com Website. www.buyukdere35.com may change the provisions of this Agreement at any time and the changes will become effective on the date they are published on the www.buyukdere35.com Website.