Selin Gömüç

She was born in Istanbul, 1973. She graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Mimar Sinan University Academy of Fine Arts at 1996. She took communication design courses at Central Saint Martins of Art and Design, London in 1998. She worked as art director and creative director in several advertising agencies until 2007. She won several national and international awards on various contests during this period. She is providing visual communication services in her independent design office since 2007. She is the member of the board at Turkish Society of Graphic Design (GMK). Besides her profession, she produces ink, charcoal and mixed technique drawings. She has been producing video art projects since 2013. She lives and works in Istanbul.

Group Exhibition:

2019 “Forgetting Istanbul”, Memed Erdener / Selin Gömüç, Büyükdere35

18,000  + KDV Selin Gömüç

Video: Selin Gömüç
Sound Design : Ece Canlı
Assembly: Mehmet Bahtiyar

Tree of Remembering, 2019
3’05” One Channel HD Video, Stereo Sound

Ed. 1/3 + 1 AP.

In the “forgetful age” that we live in, generations lose their past, which is necessary to ensure their continuity. Force –fed with information from above, human beings are subjected to an erosion of memory, and multiply without knowing where they come from. The spirit of the individual, living with the illusion that the only past is her particular past, is contaminated with a “feeling of non-existence”. If “forgetting” becomes a permanent disease, all we are left with is chaos, quarrel and social collapse. Every end is, no doubt, a new beginning. The “forgetful” one fuses into the universe, to certainly find its roots, one day, in the trunk of a tree.

This work includes a certificate of authenticity.