Zone Defense

Şeniz Polat’s first solo exhibition entitled “Zone Defense’’, shares the last one-year process of the “Sectional Bodies” series produced by the artist since 2018, at Büyükdere35.

The artist focuses on family dynamics. Figures which pictured in their private spheres; gives clues to various relationships with the degree of intimacy, generation gap and body language. Inspired by the traumatic monotony and mediocrity of everyday life, the artist reveals the household as closest to reality in the universe she creates. The artist, who prefers charcoal on paper in her production method, partially uses vivid color blocks on her works. Colored and translucent materials such as acetate paper or nylon coating paper are sometimes collaged into the paintings to emphasize a form, and sometimes to serve a plastic concern. By excluding the portrait, the artist confines the personalities and expressions of the household members to the body sections she focuses on; sometimes invites the audience to watch the figures lined up in front of them, and sometimes to witness their “self-consciousness”.

Şeniz Polat continues her Proficiency in Art education at Hacettepe University Painting Department, where she completed her BA in 2012 and her MA in 2018. In 2018, Polat took part in the group exhibition entitled “Fox Wedding” organized at Kova Art Space. The artist exhibited her “Sectional Bodies” series for the first time with the Achievement award at the 2019 Rota Art Competition Exhibition. The series was last watched on Map’20. Continuing her productions in Dersim since the first half of 2021, the artist is working as a Research Assistant at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture at Munzur University. 

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