Yağmur Doğan

20.05.2021 – 20.06.2021

In the exhibition, Yağmur Doğan appears before the audience with her own practice and her recent works. In her works, based on self and identity problems, the artist examines the complex self-states behind people’s faces, and presents her recent productions that are the continuation of her previous productions.

Referring to Erving Goffman, who is an important reference in her paintings; she sheds light on the conceptual point of view about “self” with her productions. The world we live in is considered as a theater stage, people as actors who perform more than one performance in daily life. Goffman talks about how our self changes shape every time through these performances we exhibit. Using the concept of the self, he explains how the person or individual encounters others, how he reconsiders himself, how he presents himself and how he develops strategies for it. It pushes the self-concept into question with the different self performances that each individual presents in front of each other. In this context, he claims that our ego is a constantly changing performance product. The name of the exhibition, “Inherent”, derives its name from the representation of our self, which is in the being, mixed with its structure. The individual creates a multi-layered and variable identity and even de-identification as he wanders between the different selves that he constantly reconstructs.

The artist, who generally creates flat areas in the form of a single stain on the backgrounds of the surfaces he uses, creates micro differences in his works in the exhibition. By adding the line to the background, she aims to establish a new relationship on the surface with layer-by-layer stain transitions on the upper part. The fluid and fluid state of the portrait silhouettes seen in Doğan’s paintings offers a moment of insight into our constantly changing self. She invites the viewer to experience the changing self-perception through her paintings.



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