Engin Konuklu’s new solo exhibition “Valley” will be meeting with art lovers in Büyükdere35 between 24 February – 19 March 2021.
Trauma that poses a threat to possessed assets and situations causes changes in personality. Trauma affects directly as well as indirectly or through its social character. The ‘present’ of the act of remembering, together with changing social values and personality, can construct new meanings and memories of memories in memory. The repetitive and differentiated images in the exhibition sometimes express changing memories of compulsory landscapes.
Unconscious factors and various external mechanisms can affect what the memory remembers and forgets or when it recalls memories. Memory is related to remembered memories as well as areas that are forgotten or suppressed. “Memory is like a dog that sits wherever it wants” (Draaisma, 2014: 30). One of the points emphasized by Douwe Draaisma in his book The factory for homesickness is the reliability of memory. Draaisma asks the following questions for situations that affect recall; does a story that has been listened to too much turn into a created and memorized memory, or does it fall out of its initial state as a result of the change of the memory recalled and told each time? “Present” of the act of remembering; it mentions the first moment of the phenomenon, the idea that this moment is not far from our last remembering (Draaisma, 2016: 7). This situation reveals the difficulty of the metaphorical bond that creates a memory in order to make it related and reveals the dynamic effect of reconstruction. The variable past that memory sometimes creates causes the change of many memories, even if we do not realize it, and makes it question the possibility of remembering in a reliable way.

“Just like perception, memory is a creative process. While remembering something, we do not repeat that experience as it is, but rather relieve it in another context, create a new representation, or even change its meaning” (Quiroga, 2017: 170).

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