Melih Çebi

Melih Çebi
‘’Flowers in December’’

Within the 1Wall Exhibitions, Büyükdere35 is hosting Melih Çebi’s 1Wall exhibition entitled “Flowers in December” between27 May – 27 June.


Heavily influenced by the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealism movements, Melih is unapologetic in his choice of medium and varying aesthetics. Melih’s subjects toy with the irony of the human condition while openly engaging with the darker side of the subconscious.


Retaining his connections to childhood, his subjects come to embody buried dreams and lost memories which Melih strategically transforms into disturbing universal archetypes of adolescence.

His subjects are bold yet docile, donning blank stares and heavy smiles that all together embrace the ignorance that childhood r generously endows. It is with this satire in which the figures are portrayed, that he attains a distinguished and theatrical ‘’pop’’ tone in his work.




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