In Search of Lost Time / Istanbul

Within the scope of Senkron ‘Synchronized Video Exhibitions’, Büşra Çeğil’s augmented reality project exhibition ‘In Search of Lost Time / Istanbul’ is experienced at Büyükdere35 between April 15-30.

“…If we revive another memory taken from a different year, we find between the two, thanks to lacunae, to vast stretches of oblivion, as it were the gulf of a difference in altitude or the incompatibility of two divers qualities, that of the air we breathe and the colour of the scene before our eyes.” says Proust and continues, “memories bathed in the mind” indicate that memories are recreations of the past. Remembering is often possible through metaphors. Human beings approach memory with various traces and metaphors. Sometimes we remember it with a space, a smell, a sound, and sometimes we turn it into a defense mechanism that we treat ourselves. “Images survive even if we don’t remember,” says Bergson. The mind, which recalls with encounters, literally reproduces it and bends the past and gives a new form. The past reproduces itself in the “now” thanks to memory. With this video series, which takes its name from Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, the artist tends to understand the nature of remembering and forgetting in an aesthetic context.

In Search of Lost Time / Istanbul, 2021, Augmented Reality, 45’’



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