I believe in spring

Gamze Yalçın ”I believe in spring’’

Büyükdere35 is thrilled to announce Gamze Yalçın’s first solo exhibition ‘‘I believe in spring’’. ‘‘I believe in spring’’could be viewed on 27th April – 27th May.

Gamze Yalçın embraces the earthly spring and brings it together with the viewer in her solo exhibition “I believe in spring”. Yalçın’s passion for travel, namely her visits to various countries for guest artist programmes, meet in the context of her work and the traces of these countries’ culture can be seen in her practice. The relationship between nature and architecture, which is pursued as a minimal aspect, demonstrates itself as an abstract visual representation of a world without humans. Furthermore, the paintings and drawings that the viewer experiences manifest themselves as formal and stained images, where mostly nature is abstracted, rarely architecture, and turn into traces of an allegorical impression. Yalçın’s public space wall paintings which she created using experimental and alternative methods such as canvas, paper and fabric are examined in her paintings, which is a poetic interpretation of Nature. The colour palette in her works turns into a transparent and permeable festive with a pastoral impression of pastel colours in Nature. These images make the viewer experiment with the tenderness of spring and summer and which will be conveyed as warm spring and the bright rays of summer days, present to the viewer with Nature, architecture and utopia, which becomes a paradise of the world in these pictures.

Yalçın’s journey to the world and Nature interpretations demonstrates the colour of the mountains, the wave of the seas, and the rustling of the leaves. These are all born as a new narrative, a visual full of harmony. Nature on the canvas and paper, and fluid colours on fabric offer a new way of seeing the shades of Nature. “I believe in spring” takes the viewer from the darkness of winter to the light scents of spring, it drifts into the breezes of summer. Also, the exhibition has an ironic representation, namely, it integrates with a satire of the saying ‘every night has a morning’, illuminating the darkness experienced by humanity. Among the colourful shades, permeable lights and layered abstraction of Nature paintings, Yalçın celebrates all the hidden beauties in the exotic Nature of the various cultures in the world, and invites the viewer to this sublime beauty of spring.

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