Gamze Yalçın

Gamze Yalçın
13.08.2021 – 13.09.2021
The visible change of the world in recent years, while affecting our creativity, also increases
our questions about the future.
Referring to the fiction she lived between Berlin and Istanbul, Gamze Yalçın doubles this
questioning and turns this dichotomy into a movement that allows her to understand herself
even more deeply in her productions. The artist’s tides between the two cities turn into the
times that she produces the most and that motivates her the most.
“These words of Paul Klee have affected me for years. ‘The world in terms of its conditions is
not the only one among possible worlds.’ Our state of being always in search of a space
brings us back to nature every time. Real transformation, change begins in nature”
-Gamze Yalcin
In her recent travels, the artist has opened up space for her “landscape” fictions shaped by
her observations of nature and the experimental color transitions and a playful flow she
created in her works.
Gamze Yalçın, who has made murals in numerous countries and in public spaces, brings her
first mural to the Büyükdere35 1Wall area with a sincere language.


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