Erman Gürcüm

Erman Gürcüm
Bon Appétit
02.02 – 02.03.2022


Within the scope of 1 Wall Exhibitions, Büyükdere35 is hosting Erman Gürcüm’s personal exhibition titled “Bon Appétit“, between February 2 – March 2.


“Every object represented has a meaning beyond itself.

A way that starts with seeing the inside of the visible…”


Gurcum explores the contrasting aesthetics of the beautiful and the non-beautiful with a contemporary attitude in his works. The artist questions the worldly pleasures and the objective world by handling the Vanitas painting tradition, which reminds the audience with a paradoxical language, by criticizing the pleasure, showing off and the sense of possession that life offers to people, as well as the ineffectiveness and brevity of worldly goods, in a contemporary way.

The skull object seen in the works of the artist, who examines the concepts of life and death based on the attraction of worldly pleasures, is also described as the artist’s self-portrait.

He aims to make the audience find a piece of themselves with the story that emerges in his works created with an allegorical narrative language.


In his project for 1Wall, the artist deals with the concepts of destiny and choice together. Is the life we ​​live a predestined relationship or is it the result of our choices?

Describing human life as an empty plate, the artist asked the audience “Fate or Choices?” presents the question on a silver platter with the concepts of life and death.



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