Ege Subaşı

Ege Subaşı
01.10.2021 – 01.11.2021

Within the scope of the 1Wall Exhibition, Büyükdere35 is hosting Ege Suba
şı’s solo exhibition
entitled “Emptiness”, between 1 October – 1 November 2021.


The artist bases her practice on the concepts of self-awareness, identity and self-conception and tries
to question the search for the existential pieces in her soul. During the composition process, identity
and self can be affected by many external factors, but every person has a unique piece. The reason
for the ambiguity in the
psyche and character stems from his alienation from it, and with the effect of
s alienation, the images begin to seem blurry and indistinct.


In her project for 1Wall, the artist deals with the concept of self-conception with the concept of
frustration. For the artist, who takes references from Adam Phillips’ text
‘’On Pleasure and
, frustration is a process that sometimes tries to get out of it, and sometimes cannot be
noticed that he/she is in the middle of it. Due to this feeling, the individual also faces the reality of
the emptiness he/she feels and the uncertainty of what the lost thing is. The sense of loss that these
concepts create in us and the longing for what is missing manifests itself.


The artist, who evokes the feeling that the figure is floating in space without a place, emphasizes that
this drift is a result of the individual’s alienation from both herself and the environment she is in



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