Duygu Aydoğan ‘’Capsule’’

The epoxy sculptures and paintings in Duygu Aydoğan’s artistic practice turn into a quest in which she presents the physical limits and psychological layers of being human. The sculptures, which are frozen and fixed in epoxy, offer an impression of a contemporary fossil of humanity for the next century. Nowadays, There are some scientific studies which show that people freeze and put to sleep themselves in cryotubes to wake up in the future.
Duygu Aydoğan, on the other hand, pursues a visual-documentary production model, such as store up and archiving the pathetic state of humanity that is transforming and evolving. The feeling of waking up in the future by wishing to move to tomorrow and freezing oneself actually creates a striking contrast in the context of death and resurrection.

Focusing on the human being, the “Capsule” exhibition evaluates the animate-inanimate concept on the axis of past-present and future, among human’s imaginations of the future. The exhibition starts from the self-centeredness and metamorphosis of human beings and transforms it into a modern paleontological research.

Historical and monumental visual studies, represented by frozen traces of humanity and the earth, transform into memory traces and offer a future reflection of humankind.

Text: Melike Bayık

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