Candan İşcan

Candan İşcan
09.03 – 09.04.2022

Within the 1Wall Exhibitions, Büyükdere35 is hosting Candan İşcan’s 1Wall exhibition entitled “Superfluous” between 9 March – 9 April.


Noise of the external world is superfluously unrealistic. It is horrifically normal for people of the untruthful world. Desire cauldrons, which are getting deeper every day, are empty inside. The uneasiness stuck between the thoughts piling up on itself is obvious as it is. All the nonsense we swallow, the eerie jokes we laugh at, all the insects that bite our flesh, the cartoons we watch, all the candies we eat, the toys we keep with us in that hole where we are afraid to look; It’s wild, spooky, mischievous, familiar, charming, and inviting. 


The tradition of still-life contains its meaning in itself. Needless to explain, it invites the viewer to leave the inquiring mind behind, believe in the reality of what the viewer sees and simply enjoy the experience of looking. The constructedness of what is represented is forgotten. Looking at the completed picture, the fiction moves in the mind of the viewer towards the reality of the moment.


Candan İşcan uses the seemingly obvious still-life and portrait traditions in her “SUPERFLUOUS” exhibition, contrary to her starting points. The exhibition, which includes oil paintings and lithographs in which she unrealistically fictionalizes images of daily life and nature with images that wink at Lowbrow, popular and subculture, invites the audience to look and remove their questioning mind.



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