Baysan Yüksel

Baysan Yüksel
the Fog
15.12.2021 – 15.01.2022


Past, future and present; intertwined, blurred. I don’t understand how time flies. Every day is the same; It’s morning, it’s evening. The day leaves its place to the night, the night to the day. There is a world outside; tense, chaotic, full of dangers. Reminds me of Dickens novels. I can’t see the exit. I can’t think about it. Ambiguity descended on me like a gray cloud. I’m not leaving the house. I am isolated. After a while, I don’t get out of bed much. Not that I don’t get out, I can’t get out. As if I have no thoughts; I cannot reach them. Who was I, why was I on this earth? I’m being disappeared. I am becoming the residue of who I once was.


Fog; It mirrors the phenomenon of brain fog/mind fog, which can also develop due to isolation, in the light of the artist’s own experiences. brain fog; It is defined as a symptom that can cause memory and focus problems and a lack of mental clarity. Those who experience brain fog state that they feel distracted and like they are in a dream, even though they are awake, and they have lost the concept of time.


In this series, the artist reflects this steamy experience of the uncertainties we have shared globally for the last two years in our daily lives, using the fluidity of ink that is open to surprises, as a metaphor, a tool, on specially processed canvases. The pieces come together like a puzzle, trying to rebuild the integrity of the self. As the layer of gray, fragmented fog that surrounds the mind goes deeper, it gradually opens from abstract to concrete, from gray tones to pastel color blocks. There is a light in the darkness, a light of hope in our depths; The artist wants to remind you that the fog will clear and the clear sky will be visible again.



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