Melike Kılıç

She was born in Giresun in 1982. The artist completed her undergraduate and graduate education at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, the artist continued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The artist, who synthesizes the east and the west in her works, uses the future and past narratives as a storyteller. The works of Melike Kılıç have been included in many private collections. America, Germany, Italy and France are the collections she entered abroad. The artist, whose works take part in personal and group exhibitions, continues her life and work in Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions:

2019- “Unknown Lands Beyond the Wall”, Büyükdere35, Istanbul
2017- “Terra Tenebris”, Blok Art Space, Istanbul

Group Exhibitions:

2017- “Backyard”, Curator Mehmet Kahraman, Rem Art Space, Istanbul
2017- “Tactical Stance”, Cer Modern Group exhibition, Ankara
2017- “Tomorrow Exhibition”, Gaia Gallery, Istanbul
2017-Drawing Today “, Curator Marcus Graf O’art, Istanbul
2016- “On Botany”, Blok art Space, Istanbul
2016- “Artstroke Fair Munich”, Mixer Art, Istanbul
2016- “Dead Nature”, “Giants Table”, Curator Marcus Graf Plato Sanat, Istanbul
2016- “On Paper”, Group Exhibition Mixer Art, Istanbul
2016- “Indie-Line”, ArtSümer, Istanbul
2015- “Line”, Mixer Gallery, Curator Mehmet Kahraman, Istanbul
2015- “Fine Tuned and Multiple”, Kuad Gallery, Istanbul
2015-Contemporary Istanbul Plato Art, Istanbul
2015-Contemporary Istanbul Mixerarts Istanbul
2015-Indie Line Group Exhibition ArtSümer, “Art”, Istanbul
2014- “Untold Stories”, with Art50 TEB Etiler Private Banking, Istanbul
2014- “Little Is Beautiful”, Kuad Gallery, Istanbul
2014- “Stay With Me”, Apartment Project Berlin, Berlin
2013- “Online”, Kuad Gallery, Istanbul
2013- “Nev Generation- Head Paper”, Gallery Nev, Ankara
2013- “Do what I want from me” (Curator: Nihan Çetinkaya), Mixer Arts, Istanbul.
2012- Coca-Cola Red Collection, Istanbul
2012- “What a wonderful world” (Curator: Marcus Graf), Plato Sanat, Istanbul
2011- “Rungang”, Traditional Vienna Academy Exhibition, Vienna.
2011- “Young Fresh Different 2” (Curator: Selin Turam), Cda Projects, Istanbul.
2011- “Return; Innocent Nostalgia ”(Curator Emre Zeytinoğlu), Marsİstanbul, İstanbul.
2010- “Raw Haller” Siemens Sanat (Curator: Mürteza Fidan, Melih Görgün) Istanbul
2009- “Absent Country”, Kargaart, Istanbul


Mr. Surprise

5.500  + KDV Artist: Melike Kılıç

mixed media on canvas

25 x 25 cm (framed)


This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

6.500  + KDV Artist: Melike Kılıç

mixed technique and collage on paper

R: 18 cm (framed)


This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

Artist: Melike Kılıç

mixed technique and collage on paper

R: 10 cm (framed)

2017 – 2019

This work includes a certificate of authenticity.

7.500  + KDV Artist: Melike Kılıç

paper cut between two glasses

70 x 40 cm (framed)


This work includes a certificate of authenticity.