Clear Sky

We made a short interview about the artist’s first solo exhibition titled
“Super Science” , which includes works from two different series, and his style.

What is painting for you?

Painting is an alphabet and morphology in which we can create fiction. The structure of this morphology is also up to what we tell and how, our talents and choices. For a long time, I have always been the one that chooses the painting.

How did you evolve to this point?

“Super science” takes a lot of inspiration from the synthetic perspective of nature and science, the control of technology on the world and artificial intelligence. Here, I think I have gone back to the past and covered this subject in a long scale, starting with retro-futurism. This harmony continues in this series.

How is the relationship between the form and the colors you use?

This relationship changes according to the theme and collection I work with. I can show color and style differences over the periods, and actually, it takes shape and evolves involuntarily or according to a harmony theme. Super-science focuses on very violet colors and very controlled lines.

Wax, on the other hand, has completely comfortable lines and this series takes its inspiration from real objects and used items that have a place in our daily life. We can interpret and think about the relationship between color and shape according to these data.

Can you tell us about the formation process of your first personal exhibition “Super Science”?

The fiction theme is very simple; the collection follows a scheme as beginning, middle, continuing state, and ending. Accordingly, if we consider a visual activity in the right harmony, I think I have captured a certain logic and visual presentation at the same time.

How did you create the fiction between the works in the exhibition?

While I was editing the exhibition, I think I followed a map. On the other hand, I try to make the right exhibitions and creations and I think this aesthetic concern keeps a certain line in constant form. Continuing to experiment, seeing different stages in form and shape always means new ways for me.


Özgenaz Küçük




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