Beyza Boynudelik ‘hello stranger!’

Büyükdere35 is pleased to host Beyza Boynudelik’s solo exhibition titled ‘Hello Stranger!’ between the 22nd of October and 21st of November 2020.

Beyza Boynudelik creates a fictional universe of the urban individual which she has been thinking about in recent years, due to his/her relationships with oneself, with the “other” and with nature in today’s world, in her new solo exhibition titled “Hello stranger!”.  The subject, which she handles with an interdisciplinary attitude, seems to contain futuristic elements, yet it is a manifestation of today because the artist’s works contain sections of small current stories from all of us, including herself.

In this chaotic and fast age of the world, this urban individual tries to focus both on herself and her presence and psychology in society. She intends to describe the experiences of this individual, who is very communicative in social media, but alone among all these crowds, who defines herself through the ideal identity she created, through brief moments and thoughts in her mind. She tries to put an individual who is in contact with nature itself and his own nature again in the last instance, against the individual of this period, who is too strange to recognize even the oldest living species, who has a short memory enough to forget even the greatest disasters, and who is too apathetic, not enough to understand the experience of the “other”. Trying to come into contact with fauna and flora again, this individual will perhaps reach herself again with sincerity and insight. The issue of being stranger to yourself and around, the facts of surveillance and being peeped, ambiguous communication and contact, which have become the reality of this period, form the conceptual basis of the exhibition. Ironically, according to the artist, contact now only passes through observing the “other” from the other side of an interface. The peepholes she used in the exhibition are read as representative and sufficiently contemporary material for this interface. In addition to all these, the individual who searches for his/her habitat, animals whose nature and genetics have been damaged, the concrete generation, the so-called heroes of this age, and the impositions of power politics that have infiltrated our entire lives are also included in the works with both experimental and intuitive fictions.

Some oppositions such as the perception of “past” and “future”, which she tries to create simultaneously in works, also allows her to deal with some contradictions, such as “the very familiar” and the “unknown”, the relation of “natural” and “artificial”, and the relation of “real” and “fictional”. For this reason, the artist, who includes her different dated works into the exhibition, goes after a timeless understanding. As a result, the artist comes to the following question: “How many strangers can the “stranger” remain, even if by herself, redefining “contact” through her experiences and witnesses to everything and everyone?”

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