Banu Çolak

(1978, Ankara/Turkey) received a PhD in Fine Arts from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. She then moved to London and completed a short program in Art Theory at Central Saint Martin’s, London, UK. Banu Colak uses various media, including photography, video and installation to explore our relationship with the physical space we inhabit. How we engage with city, rural and architecture are perceived through space, body and memory. She currently works and lives in the UK and UAE.

Solo Exhibitions :

2016, “Shifting” Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai
2011, “Düzensizlik Düzendir” Cermodern, Ankara
2010, “Açık/Parçalı/Belirsiz”, Galeri Ihlamour, İstanbul
2010, “Zihin Haritası”,Türk -İngiliz Kültür Derneği, Ankara

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020, “The Art in Time”, HISAM, Hawaii State Art Museum, USA.
2020, “Plastic”, Tashkeel, Nad Al Shaba, Dubai.
2019, “Made in Tashkeel” Tashkeel, Nad Al Shaba, Dubai.
2019, “Emerge III: Converiging Lines’ co-organized with Sist Gallery, Venice, Italy.
2019, “Play”, Tashkeel, Dubai, UAE.
2018, “Bait15”, Al Zafaranah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2018, “M.E.T.A” Adahan Istanbul, Istanbul, TR.
2018, “Healing in a Garden” is a commissioned work by Dubai Tourism and Culture Authority for SIKKA Art Fair.
2017, “Backyard”, Rem Art Space, Istanbul, TR
2016, “Contemporary Istanbul”, Rem Art Space, Istanbul, TR
2016, “Iterations as Habitats” / Fleff
2015, curated by Dale Hudson of New York University Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates/United States) with Claudia Costa Pederson of Wichita State University (United States Ithaca Collage, Ithaca, New York.
2015, SIKKA Art Fair, “Engaged Territories”, ZU, CACE, Al Fahidi Cultural District, Dubai, UAE
2014, ISEA “Location” 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Dubai, UAE
2014, “The Flat Planet” The Invisible Line, curated by Tara Aghdashloo, London, UK
2014, “Cartographies: Mapping Intersections and Counterpoints”, Curated by Catherine Bebout and Karen Oremus, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2012, Dialogue, Rathausplatz, Nurnberg, DE
2012, “What is time got to do with it”, Core @ Nolias Gallery, London, UK
2012, “Octavia View, Octavia Hill’s House, Cambridge, UK
2012, Rejected“, Aside-‐ Bside Gallery, London, UK
2012, “Open Cube”, CueB Gallery, London, UK
2012, “What is it Like”, Project, Reading, Berks, UK

Artist: Banu Çolak

Mixed technique on paper

55 x 55 cm (framed)


This work includes a certificate of authenticity.