Abdulvahap Uzunbay

He was born Batman in 1992. He completed his undergraduate education at Atatürk University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting between 2014-2018 and successfully graduated second in his department. Then, between 2018-2021, he continued his education in the Art Department at the Institute of Fine Arts of the same university.
Under Prof. Fevziye Eyigör Pelikoğlu’s consultancy, he received his postgraduate degree with his thesis titled “Monolith as an Artistic Form”.
He continues to produce in Batman, also, he has been continuing to produce ”paper bricks” since 2019.

In society, the wall, which evokes the concepts of ‘belonging’ related to acceptance and/or ‘exclusion’ related to rejection, brings to mind the make ‘part-whole’ relationship and it brings to mind ‘brick’ as the parts that are made up with the integrated wall itself.

Brick as a carrier and limiter as a cultural and architectural element, is dysfunctional on its own. When a few of them come together, they become an object that is difficult to move. The most practical way to overcome the weight of (a) brick as an artistic object is to show/make it as ‘light’. It was made to feel necessary to make this lightness perceived/questioned as a (cultural) danger.

The act of ’making bricks from paper’ is a kind of ecological wisdom style; Packing papers (representational), which come across as a ritual specific to today’s consumer societies are thrown away from shopping malls, and were looked at as a source/origin/cause/effect. Today’s producer/consumer/artist subjects artistic actions’ quality/quantity, came together with the irony of glorifying an everyday ordinary object.

The process of transformation of a lump/wad of paper into an art object has served the purpose of drawing attention to the fact that the globalizing world has become imperceptible with non-stop technical/technological developments and the rapid consumption of natural resources. Through paper bricks, the importance of people’s understanding of their relationship with their environment with consciousness has been highlighted.

Solo Exhibitions:

2023- “Kırılma Noktası: Hikayenin Sonunu Sen Yaz”, Sergisi, QNB Finansbank Kristal Kule, İSTANBUL.
2023- “The Light Of Day”, Başlıklı Grup Sergisi, The Wall Art Gallery, İSTANBUL
2022- “Sur Kültür Yolu Festivali, Dört Kapı Çağdaş Sanat Sergisi”, DİYARBAK
2022- “Yakın Temas Güncel Sanat Sergisi / Close Contact Contemporary Art Exhibiton” Fab Gallery, Tirana, ARNAVUTLUK.
2022- “Başkent Kültür Yolu Festivali, Rastlaşmalar Sergisi”, ANKARA.
2022- “The Wall Art Gallery, Sınır Mekânlar Anlatılmamış Hikâyeler Sergisi”, İSTANBUL
2021- “7. Genç Sanat Güncel Sanat Proje Yarışması Sergisi” Tarık Zafer Tunaya Kültür Merkezi, İSTANBUL (Mansiyon Ödülü)
2021 – “Base 2021 Güzel Sanatlar Fakülteleri Yeni Mezunlar Sergisi” Tophane-i Amire-i Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi, İSTANBUL.
2021- “Atığın İhtimalleri Biçim ve Süreç Online serge”, Kale Tasarım ve Sanat Merkezi (KTSM), www.kaletasarimsanatmerkezi.org
2020- “6. Genç Sanat Güncel Sanat Proje Yarışması Sergisi” Tarık Zafer Tunaya Kültür Merkezi, İSTANBUL (Başarı Ödülü)
2020- “Akbank 38. Günümüz Sanatçıları Ödülü Yarışması” Akbank Sanat, İSTANBUL.
2020 – “İstanbul Rotary Sanat Ödülü Yarışması ve Sergisi” Elgiz Müzesi, Maslak, İSTANBUL.
2019 – “Rota 2 Çağdaş Sanat Yarışması Sergisi” İstanbul Ayvansaray Üniversitesi, Plato Sanat, İSTANBUL.
2018 – “Base 2018 Güzel Sanatlar Fakülteleri Yeni Mezunlar Sergisi” Galata Rum Okulu, İSTANBUL.


Social Praxis

Abdulvahap Uzunbay

115 pieces of compressed and wire-bonded paper bricks

156 x 63 x 8.5 cm


This work includes a certificate of authenticity.